Six Things You Should Know About Your Roof

If you are thinking that it might be time for a new roof, here are six things you should probably know before contacting a roofing company:

1. How old it is: most roofs last between fifteen and twenty-five years.

2. The quality of the material: the old organic shingles won’t last more than twenty years.

3. If it has valleys: valleys wear out before the rest of your roof does.

4. How much of the house has a southern exposure: houses that face the south do not last as long. The southern exposure of a roof wears out before the rest of the roof does.

5. How steep it is: steeper roofs last longer.

6. Was your roof installed properly? If it’s not properly installed you could end up with nails exposed, wind damage, or leaking because the protrusions aren’t done right.

Be a proactive homeowner. Know your roof.




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